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We sort out any problems with employees
We help you resolve employment problems fairly, legally and for the good of the business
We can stop you from being sued

If you’re putting off tackling real problems because it’s difficult in a small team, and you’re worried about the consequences of making mistakes with employment law, let The Human Resource take the headaches away.

When you’re running your own business, employee issues are often too sensitive to talk over with colleagues. We provide a confidential sounding board, an understanding ear to listen and coach you through difficult situations.

We advise you how to deal fairly and legally with performance issues, outbreaks of bad behaviour and employee complaints. We provide guidance on how to manage employee relations matters and explain what the law prescribes. We draft letters and other documents required in managing the case to protect your interests, such as formal meeting invitations and outcome letters. 

We focus on finding solutions and achieving results.

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Managing poor performance

Managing poor performance in the team is a scenario any manager will have to face sooner or later. Not everyone will be able to do the job they’re in – maybe their life outside work changes, or they were a recruitment mistake, or the demands of the job become too much for their abilities. Or they simply need more knowledge or information or understanding.

Be prepared for these situations, download your free E-book How to Manage Poor Performance:

  • Build a truly high performing team
  • Tackle the real employee problems with confidence
  • Don’t turn a blind eye to sub-standard work
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How to Manage Poor Performance

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