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How we work

Outsourcing support and expert employment advice to The Human Resource is a much more cost effective approach than the cost of employing your own HR professional - or of defending an employment tribunal! We can provide advice and employment documentation on a fixed price basis just when the need arises, such as an employment problem. Or, a retained contract with us would allow you to access expert employment advice tailored to your business whenever you need it, without incurring cost every time you pick up the phone.
Retained Contract

A retained contract allows you and your managers to access expert employment advice tailored to your business whenever you need it, without incurring cost every time you pick up the phone. A set monthly fee is agreed on an individual basis depending on the size and nature of your employee group, and your requirements from an HR service.

We spend time getting to know your business and its people in order to add more value and advise you on the implications of legal changes.

Retained clients receive their own contract of employment templates, a tailored employee handbook, automatic updates, appraisal forms, guidance notes and on-call HR advice.

To free you and your managers up from the detail, we can explain complex rights such as shared parental leave direct to individual employees, and calculate everyone’s holiday entitlements including part-timers and zero hours contracts.

Pre-set Fees
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To help clients with budgeting, we pre-agree a fixed price for completing everything within a set piece of work, for example:

•A start up bundle of contracts of employment for all your employees, tailored to each individual and to your company, plus minimum written policies. £100

•A recruitment bundle for developing the person specification, selecting the best advertising media, writing the advert, screening CVs, telephone shortlisting. £200

•An employee handbook with policies tailored to your culture, targeted to your workforce and keeping you legally compliant plus updates when the law changes. £300

Ad hoc consultation

If you require advice and support just for specific issues when the need arises, like a one-off employment problem, we charge you for consultation time at the rate of £70 an hour.

Full Day Work

Some clients use our service to have an HR consultant in their workplace a set number of days a month. Others use us for in-depth work such as running employee focus groups, skills training for managers or investigating an employee complaint. A day rate will be agreed, normally £500.

Free of Charge

The initial consultation is provided free of charge. As a result of this discussion you will be given an estimate of the cost of the services you require.

An HR policy and process healthcheck is provided free of charge to review what is happening at the moment in your organisation and identify any priority areas for change.

Contact us on 01249 811506 or enquiries@thehr.co.uk to discuss the advice and support you need.
The Human Resource is backed by professional indemnity insurance and we work within the CIPD’s code of professional conduct.