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Legal Responsibilities

We enable you to meet your legal responsibilities as an employer without a complicated hassle, so you keep your good reputation by staying out of the employment tribunal and save valuable time researching boring processes.

Employment law is evolving all the time and we streamline detailed regulations and new legal requirements into actions adapted to your business.

We write your templates for contracts of employment - advising on the options and agreeing on your basic employment practices. We keep it all straightforward and tailored to your business.  The templates will enable you to be self-sufficient in future, or we can produce individual terms of employment for you.

We write your employee handbook containing your people policies so that everyone is clear about the rules that matter and understands where the boundaries are set, all tailored to your company culture. Your staff handbook will contain your written policies such as equal opportunities and internal complaints procedures, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be written like a complex impersonal legal document. Its most important purpose is to communicate clearly with employees, so we make sure it’s clear to everyone.

If you’re employing someone for the first time, we guide you through the key steps to take beforehand, such as checking the right to work in the UK, plus other legal requirements you must comply with once the new employee starts.

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Avoiding Employment Tribunals

If your people policies go wrong – or don’t exist! – ultimately your business is likely to face legal action from employees or ex-employees. This is a daunting occasion for any business, costly and reputation-damaging.

Heading off issues from arising in the first place is the best way to avoid it happening. We provide you with pragmatic advice on how to do this and if disputes do arise, a qualified workplace mediator. Having best practices embedded into your company culture and day-to-day working arrangements is essential if you want to make sure that you’re constantly making big progress when it comes to business goals and growth.

If you feel like your HR practices could do with an overhaul, we’d love to help. We offer a free consultation, and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have and assess how we could work together to get you firmly on the right track.

Contact us for a no-obligation chat on enquiries@thehr.co.uk or 07884 475303.